Our Company

Grand-mom Polyxeni

Our history goes back several decades when ‘grandmother Polyxeni'  got married in Anogyra village, which was and still is famous for the production of carob syrup  and  Pastelli. The residents of the village in order to cope with economic difficulties started producing carob syrup and traditional Pasteli. For Grandmother Polyxeni, an energetic person, it was inevitable not to master this tradition of her village.

In the '70s grandmother Polyxeni and her family moved to the town of Limassol so her children could attend school. That was when she started working and doing what she knew better than anyone else, making carob syrup and Pastelli, in order to contribute in her own way to the expenses of the family.

Over the years and due to the increasing demand, the shed in which she started producing her products was upgraded into a small workshop and the quality of her products was improve day after day.

In the mid-80s the children of the family returned from their studies and helped their mother in the workshop. In 1989 the family business was transferred into a factory where they installed specialized modern facilities needed for the production of carob products.

Today, 30 years later, in a modern and fully refurbished area, Polyxenis factory continues with the same passion and the same traditional way producing an array of products which are based on carob.