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Carob Syrup - Carob Powder - Pasteli




Carob syrup is a healthy nutrition product rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, proteins and carbohydrates. Enjoy it as a sweetener for cakes, breakfast cereals, cheeses (cottage cheese) and hot drinks, or simply as a refreshing beverage mixed with cold water or milk. 

Carob was found to have therapeutic qualities and also help with stomach and the smooth functioning of the bowels.


Carob syrup can be used as an:

  • sweetener for cakes
  • additive in cereals
  • topping for cottage cheese and fruit
  • refreshing beverage: mixed with cold water or milk

Carob syrup helps the digestion and mollifies the stomach.


Carob powder can provide an excellent substitute for chocolate, cocoa and sugar in any recipe. Use it for biscuits, cakes, chocolate, truffles etc. The taste of carob powder resembles more than anything else the taste of chocolate and cocoa, so you may also enjoy this healthy natural product as a delicious hot drink or a cold refreshing milkshake. 


Pasteli is a very old traditional Mediterranean treat made mainly from carob syrup. Nowadays there are a number of modifications to the traditional one. Some of the products added are sesame, peanuts and almonds. It has a wonderful taste and is ideal for all ages. Pasteli is the ideal solution for moments you feel like you need something sweet and healthy.

Due to the coexistence of sesame, peanuts and carob syrup, and also honey, Pasteli is considered as one of the most nutritive delicacies, full of vitamins for the human organism. 

The superiority of the Cypriot Pasteli, comes from the indisputable superiority of its ingredients. It is well known that Cypriot carob syrup and honey are the best in the world. Thus it is inevitable for the Cypriot Pasteli to be the best worldwide!