Anything made by Carob!

All of you more or less have heard about the traditional pasteli of Anogyra or otherwise “Pastelli of Polyxenis”.For those who have heard about it you're on the right way. For those who have not and look for further information ... welcome in our official website.

After 30 years of experience, in a modern and fully refurbished area, POLYXENIS factory continues with the same passion and the same traditional way producing an array of products which are based on carob like carob syrup, carob powder, carob cream, pasteli of different kinds, grape syrup etc.

The famous carob syrup and pasteli of Polyxeni , as it is widely known, and the other products of our company, can be reached from selected stores and supermarkets throughout Cyprus and directly from our factory located in the Industrial Area of Ypsonas. Those of you who want to see closely the traditional way of making carob syrup and pasteli do not hesitate to visit us in our factory, you are more than welcome!!!!